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FGL is an international Media, Licensing, Event and Entertainment company registered in Hong Kong with established business relations between Asia, Europe, North and South America. 

We are not booking agents but a business relations company that caters to a niche fractional entertainment market that is massively underrepresented  Through collaborations and joint ventures of a global nature, we make fractional deals possible.  

What is Fractional Entertainment & Media

In today’s globally interconnected world, small, medium and large sized companies in Europe, Asia, and South America have vested interests in securing the services of major A list celebrities. However, the budget on offer is often too low to meet the minimum demands for such global personalities to warrant undertaking an overseas trip. FGL pools its network of business relations in the respective local jurisidiction, adding other business opportunities of a diverse nature around the event in question to meet the celebrities demands.   

Merchandize, Financing & IP

We deal with both small and large-scale national companies of countries in Europe, Asia, Latin and South America, providing direct opportunities for merchandizing, film financing, product placement, media exposure to film distribution.

FGL, We Bring Fractional Entertainment With a Micro Execution To a Macro World.